Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Industrializing the Delivery of Cloud IT

Our cloud solutions are built from pre-tested components that we optimize for your workloads so you can fully realize industry-leading efficiency for maximum ROI. These architectures can be pre-validated in our labs or via on-site pilot projects. All of our configurations are covered by end-to-end warranty, and support packages are available.

OpenStack Solutions:
Quickly stand up an elastic, scalable infrastructure with our OpenStack solutions. These architectures are perfect for the exceptionally dynamic environment of test and development or for the uncertain ebb and flow of hosted workloads.

Hadoop Solutions:
Our Hadoop solutions allow you to very quickly deploy and expand Hadoop clusters— giving you insight into your Big Data in the shortest amount of time. Our experts can help you optimize the ratio of compute to capacity to deliver the performance needed for your particular challenge.

Open Compute Solutions:
If your cloud deployment demands the most efficient hardware designs, with power usage effectiveness (PUE) performance rivaling hyperscale, Open Compute should be part of your consideration set. StackVelocity, a Solution Provider for the Open Compute Project Foundation, can show you how.

Custom Stack / Bare Metal Solutions:
In many cases, you have a custom software stack or hardware specification for your application. We can provide a personalized design or integration of a hardware stack based on your requirements. We also can do additional testing and validation with your software and assist with any additional optimization. The result is an optimized solution that is pre-racked and configured at our factory to your specifications. This minimizes the on-site disruptions and ensures that all components are functioning before they hit your data center.