OpenPOWER™ Solutions

OpenPOWER™ Solutions

The OpenPOWER™ Foundation stands to become a significant complement to the Open Compute Project Foundation. The IBM POWER™ architecture, which is well known in the industry as the performance leader, has moved to an open licensing model. Through the OpenPOWER Foundation, an ecosystem of chip companies, board manufacturers, networking vendors, etc., are all driving innovation to create the next generation of Web 2.0 compute platforms that are open.

Saba: 2U High-Performance Data Analytics Solution

Excels in Computational Workloads
StackVelocity has designed a high-performance reference platform, Saba, featuring OpenPOWER™ POWER8™ to tackle the challenge of extracting critical business value from the mass amount of information in today’s technology age. Suited for a multitude of cloud and appliance markets, Saba could be used for analytics applications or any other environment where a large storage pool is internal to the server. This solution also leverages the Power processors full capabilities, including CAPI enabled I/O slots, providing even greater system throughput.

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A Powerful Combination of Open Technologies

Barreleye is a powerful and highly efficient server built with OpenPOWER™ technologies and delivered through the Open Compute Foundation. The server has the capacity for unparalleled virtual machine, container, and bare metal compute capabilities. Enclosed in a 1.25 OU chassis, Barreleye boasts dual POWER8 “Turismo” SCM Processors and 4 DDR3 Memory channels per memory buffer which totals to 32 DDR3 RDIMMs,1333 MHz(1DPC), 8/16/32GB. It also features 15x 12Gb/s SAS or 6Gb/s SATA 2.5” drive slots, up to 15mm thickness, connected via SEB, to an onboard HBA.