Scale-Out Solutions

Deploying a scale-out solution such as cloud or big data presents different problems and requirements than traditional IT. Solving these challenges at the outset can make the difference between a basic system and an agile solution.

StackVelocity scale-out solutions are built around using manufacturing processes to deliver hardware and software stacks that are configured right the first time, making them fast and easy to deploy. By utilizing StackVelocity’s workload-optimized platforms, the stacks can then be further optimized for cost, performance and density, to deliver the exact solution you need.

StackVelocity accelerates the deployment of scale-out IT solutions to minimize time to production

  • Factory integration incorporates manufacturing quality and rigor in the factory and not on your datacenter floor – removing cost and time to deployment
  • Pre-tested components

Our systems are flexible to conform to your precise needs

Any Hardware

Choose from your favorite OEM, white box vendor, or StackVelocity workload-optimized hardware to build the optimal solution for your application. Our factory racking capabilities and flexible testing infrastructure allow us to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Any Software

Packaged software, home-grown or open source - we can load and validate the application stack that you require. In many cases, you have a custom software stack or hardware specification for your application. We can provide a personalized design or integration of a hardware stack based on your requirements. We also can perform additional testing and validation with your software and assist with any further optimization.

Any Location

With our global footprint, we can deliver wherever you need us to in the manner you require – whether it is identical deployments the world over, or specific designs for each region.

Our manufacturing systems utilize a single image of SAP, enabling us to match the scale you need, whether it is one rack at a time or far more

  • Leveraging the capabilities of Jabil, our parent company, StackVelocity can easily scale with your needs, from a single rack to thousands of racks.
  • Using flexible assembly practices, StackVelocity can ensure that your configuration is delivered identically every time – whether you order all at once or require deliveries across many months or locations.

When designing or deploying a new scale-out solution, validation of the hardware and software is a key step. These architectures can be pre-validated in our labs or via on-site pilot projects.

StackVelocity delivers optimized solutions that are pre-racked and configured at our factory to your specifications. This minimizes on-site disruptions, shortens time spent deploying and ensures that all components are functioning before they hit your data center.